ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.

Colville River Summer Fishery Monitoring

In 2021, ABR will conduct a second year of subsistence harvest interviews with fishers in the Colville River delta near Nuiqsut, Alaska during the open water (ice-free) fishing season. 2020 was the first year of a planned 2-year harvest monitoring project required under GMT-2 rezoning stipulations from the North Slope Borough. These summer fishery data will complement the fall under-ice fishery data set and include fishing data from outside the delta (e.g., lakes and other waterbodies). ABR biologists will interview fishers on the river (and in town) on the results of their daily harvests during two major sampling events (7-10 day events in July and August 2020). Additionally, ABR created a data-app that was distributed to fishers so that they could log their own harvests, including during periods when ABR biologists were not present in the Nuiqsut area.