ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.

Willow Rezone Stipulations: Shorebird Study

In its final staff recommendation for the Willow Rezone and Master Plan (10 December 2020), the North Slope Borough (NSB) stipulated that ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. (CPAI) fund a multi-year shorebird breeding ecology study in and adjacent to the Willow development project. 

ABR will be documenting the distribution, abundance, habitat associations, and nesting success of breeding shorebirds in the Willow project area, determining whether there are changes in these metrics from the baseline pre-construction period to the construction and production periods, and measuring the effects, if any, of development and environmental factors on breeding shorebird densities and breeding success during construction and production. A pilot study of TinyTags has been included to explore options for more efficient nest monitoring with less human disturbance.