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Alaska Bird Conference 2023

Yellow-billed Loons in Alaska

We’re thrilled to sponsor the 2023 Alaska Bird Conference which is kicking off with speakers including Julie Parrett who will be discussing ABR research into yellow-billed loon incubation behavior and nesting success on the Colville River delta. Her presentation covers ABR's analysis of yellow-billed loon data collected since 2005.

If you miss Julie’s presentation, stop by the poster session from 4–5 pm to meet Julie and Rebecca McGuire as they discuss their research!

Factors Influencing Productivity of Yellow-billed loons on the Colville River Delta


Artificial Intelligence

Also at the conference, Tim Obritschkewitsch will be presenting on the progress that a team of ABR and North Slope Borough scientists are making toward the development of a vision detection algorithm that accurately counts Lesser Snow Geese in aerial photographs. The resulting AI could have implications for automated wildlife detection across the North Slope. Tim will be available to discuss the project at the poster session from 4–5 pm.

Big White Birds: Progress Towards Automation in Counting Snow Geese


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