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Tom DeLong retires after 31 years!

During the past six months, Tom DeLong, ABR’s Contracts Manager for over 31 years, has been preparing for his well-deserved retirement, and now the time has come for all of us at ABR to wish him well (and to provide updated contact info), as Tom goes out to navigate the wilderness of retirement.

ABR has been lucky to count Tom as one among its highly capable team, as time and again he has displayed the type of dedication and passion for service that is rare in the work world today. So thank you Tom for all those years of steadfastly helping to guide ABR’s path. Your contributions will continue to influence our trajectory for years to come.

For any and all contracting matters going forward, please send your inquiries to This email address will go to our entire contracting team, so you can be sure that your message is received. Also feel free to contact Janet Daley for assistance with all things contracting.


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