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Fairbanks Office

Adrian Gall, Ph.D.

President & Director of Research

Adrian Gall, Ph.D.

  • Ornithology

  • Seabird ecology

  • Population analysis

  • Oceanography

  • Outreach

Adrian came to ABR with a background in population biology of nesting seabirds and the use of seabirds as indicators of marine conditions in Alaska, Hawaii, the Lower 48, and in Mexico.

Since joining ABR in 2005, she has focused on movements and habitat use of seabirds, waterfowl, shorebirds, and marine mammals in terrestrial and marine environments. Her fieldwork regularly involves residency and outreach in rural Alaska villages and, as a result, she has good working relationships with Alaska Native communities. In addition to her research duties, Adrian is a Research Coordinator with 17 years of project management experience.

In July 2015, Adrian successfully defended her dissertation at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where she studied the influence of oceanography on the seabird community in the Chukchi Sea from 2008 through 2012. Her research was a part of the Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program, jointly funded by ConocoPhillips, Statoil, and Shell.

Select Publications
  • Gall, A. E., T. C. Morgan, R. H. Day, and K. J. Kuletz. 2017. Ecological shift from piscivorous to planktivorous seabirds in the Chukchi Sea, 1975–2012. Polar Biology 40: 61–78. <doi:10.1007/s00300-016-1924-z>

  • Blanchard, Arny L., Robert H. Day, Adrian E. Gall, Lisanne A.M. Aerts, Julien Delarue, Elizabeth L. Dobbins, Russell R. Hopcroft, Jennifer M. Questel, Thomas J. Weingartner, Sheyna S. Wisdom. 2017. Ecosystem variability in the offshore northeastern Chukchi Sea. Progress in Oceanography 159: 130-153.

  • Kuletz, K. J., M. C. Ferguson, B. Hurley, A. E. Gall, E. A. Labunski, and T. C. Morgan. 2015. Seasonal spatial patterns in seabird and marine mammal distribution in the eastern Chukchi and western Beaufort seas: identifying biologically important pelagic areas. Progress in Oceanography 136: 175–200.

  • Day, R. H., A. E. Gall, T. C. Morgan, J. R. Rose, J. H. Plissner, P. M. Sanzenbacher, J. D. Fenneman, K. J. Kuletz, and B. H. Watts. 2013. Seabirds new to the Chukchi and Beaufort seas, Alaska: response to a changing climate? Western Birds 44: 174–182.

  • Day, R. H., T. J. Weingartner, R. R. Hopcroft, L. A. M. Aerts, A. L. Blanchard, A. E. Gall, B. J. Gallaway, D. E. Hannay, B. A. Holladay, J. T. Mathis, B. L. Norcross, J. M. Questel, and S. S. Wisdom. 2013. The offshore northeastern Chukchi Sea: a complex high-latitude system. Continental Shelf Research 67: 147–165.

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