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ABR’s Alaska-based environmental compliance consultants support our mining industry clients with decades of Alaska experience. We consistently provide exceptional scientific services that meet the quality standards required by regulatory agencies. Some common services we provide to our mining industry clients include:

  • Wildlife and fisheries (e.g., mammal, bird, and fish surveys; Title 16 Fish Passage and Essential Fish Habitat permitting)

  • Aquatic resources (e.g., water quality, fish habitat, and macroinvertebrate sampling)

  • Endangered, Threatened, & Sensitive Species (e.g., Section 7 Endangered Species Act consultation, Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act compliance)

  • Wetland delineation and regulatory compliance (e.g., Section 404 Clean Water Act permitting support)

  • Baseline water quality, wetland, soil, & vegetation studies

  • GIS Services (e.g., remote sensing mapping applications)

  • Ecological rehabilitation & land reclamation (Alaska Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act compliance)

  • Ecological Land Surveys (e.g., habitat and landscape mapping)

  • NEPA document preparation, impact assessments, and permitting support

  • Ecological risk assessment

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