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Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences


  • Fish habitat surveys, including measurements of stream flow, stream substrates, stream geomorphology, and riparian vegetation

  • Lake bathymetry and total water volume analysis

  • Limnology studies

  • Detailed photographic and video logs of project areas

Fish Surveys

  • Fish surveys in lakes and streams

  • Beach-based and ship-based surveys of nearshore marine fishes

  • Pre- and post-project evaluations of fish populations

  • Fish age and growth studies including otolith processing, aging, and microchemical analysis

  • Amphibian surveys

Subsistence Fisheries

  • Fisheries harvest monitoring

  • Long-term fish population monitoring

  • Modeling of environmental and disturbance related drivers of aquatic conditions

  • Organizing community meetings and panels of experts for discussions on aquatic resources

  • Facilitating community engagement in management of subsistence fisheries

Water Quality

  • Water quality sampling plans and analysis

  • Pre- and post-development assessments of water quality

  • Macroinvertebrate bioassessment surveys

  • Periphyton sampling

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