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Remote Sensing & GIS Mapping

GIS Mapping

  • Wetland, vegetation, and integrated terrain unit mapping

  • Telemetry data visualization and analysis

  • Geodatabase design and data management

  • Topographic analysis and viewshed modeling

  • Spatial analyses of map attributes

Remote Sensing

  • Landscape change detection, such as mapping coastal erosion and shrub expansion

  • Imagery processing, classification, and extraction from sources including satellites (e.g., Landsat, WorldView, Planet, Ikonos, Pleiades, Sentinel 1/2, MODIS, and VIIRS), airborne and terrestrial lidar, and aerial and UAV photography

  • Vegetation, ecotype and soils mapping and modeling

  • Machine learning modeling of vegetation abundance and types

  • Time-series analysis of vegetation biomass (NDVI) and snow cover for caribou and waterfowl habitat use studies

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

  • Basemap and oblique imagery to use for small wetland and habitat mapping jobs

  • Repeat photos for rehabilitation monitoring

  • Extracting vegetation structure information

  • Precision vegetation monitoring applications involving red edge and near-infrared band imaging and NDVI

  • Ground-control point capability for decimeter level accuracy

  • Snow depth mapping

  • Terrain and terrain change mapping

  • Wildlife surveys

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