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Data Management & Programming

Data Driven Website Design

  • Custom interactive web interfaces for databases

  • Migration and normalization of existing records into the new databases

  • Capabilities such as querying, viewing, downloading, and editing data

  • Interactive maps

  • Diversified user permission structures and other data security measures

Database Design & Management

  • Database design and management

  • Data collection apps for mobile devices

  • Data review applications designed for display and QA/QC tasks

  • Custom, data-driven, dynamic web applications

  • Interactive maps and other visualizations of data

  • Expertise in Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL

  • Experience collecting, analyzing, and maintaining animal telemetry data

Field Data Collection Apps

  • Custom app development

  • Automated data synchronization and backup

  • Built-in QA/QC

  • Customizable maps and forms

  • Barcode sample tracking

  • Remote access to data

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