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Oil & Gas

ABR has effectively served oil and gas industry clients in Alaska since 1979. Our scientific and permitting support teams have performed on virtually every major development on Alaska’s North Slope. We typically work collaboratively with all stakeholders on a project, from oil and gas industry representatives to state, federal, and municipal resource agencies and Alaska Native communities. On every project, we employ leading-edge technological and methodological innovations that help us see beyond the immediate regulatory horizon to anticipate client needs now and in the future. Our record of involvement in long-term monitoring projects, our long list of returning clients, and our extensive publication history are testaments to our leadership in environmental consulting for the oil and gas industry. Some of our services include:

  • Pre-development baseline surveys for wildlife, fish, vegetation, wetlands, habitats, and landscape features

  • Mitigation planning and permitting services

  • Threatened and Endangered Species and subsistence resource expertise

  • NEPA document preparation, impact assessments, and permitting support

  • Construction and post-development monitoring and impact assessments

  • Ecological rehabilitation and land reclamation

  • Long-term studies of ecosystem health and population monitoring of species of conservation concern

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