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Vegetation & Landscape Ecology

Ecological Land Surveys

  • Botany and vegetation science

  • Soil science

  • Geomorphology

  • Permafrost science

  • Environmental remote sensing

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  

  • Multivariate analysis of environmental data

  • Synthesis of ecological patterns and processes

  • Landscape change detection

  • Terrain sensitivity

Land Rehabilitation

  • Wetland creation and restoration

  • Mined land reclamation

  • Rehabilitation of sites affected by contaminant spills

  • Developing site-specific rehabilitation plans, including objective, quantifiable performance standards

  • Developing and implementing appropriate plant cultivation treatments

  • Seeding indigenous species and transplanting tundra sod

  • Monitoring vegetation response

  • Assessing surface stability and other physical site characteristics

  • Preparing reports to regulatory agencies for permit compliance

Vegetation Inventories

  • Botanical inventories  

  • Rare and invasive plant surveys

  • Floristic analysis

  • Long-term monitoring of vegetation and permafrost

  • Soil surveys and mapping

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