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Anchorage Office

Charles T. Schick, Ph.D.

Director of Business Development

Charles T. Schick, Ph.D.

  • Ornithology

  • Plant Ecology

  • Vegetation and Floristics

  • Landscape Ecology

  • Quality Control

Terry Schick has a broad research background studying birds, plants, vegetation, and landscapes. Besides his own research interests, Terry manages ABR’s scientific staff and research coordinators and is responsible for quality control and oversight of ABR's work products.

His primary research has focused on studies of wintering and migrant shorebirds, the impacts of oil development on tundra breeding birds, landscape-scale inventory and monitoring of breeding birds, tundra vegetation mapping, bird-habitat changes following development in the arctic, landscape-scale vegetation and land condition monitoring, floristic inventories, and the development of regional-scale ecosystem management protocols.

Terry also is interested in landscape approaches to habitat-use studies and environmental impact assessment.

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