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Fairbanks Office

Christopher S. Swingley, M.S.

IT Specialist

Christopher S. Swingley, M.S.

  • IT infrastructure oversight & management

  • Scientific programming

  • Data management

  • Database administration

  • Networking

  • Business process integration

Chris Swingley oversees ABR's IT department, including the company's branch office in Anchorage, AK. Chris has extensive experience in computer system administration, programming, and SQL database design and management. He received his M.S. in ecology from University of California, Davis, and his B.S. in biology from Bucknell University.

Select Publications
  • Macander, M. J., G. V. Frost, P. R. Nelson, and C. S. Swingley. 2017. Regional quantitative cover mapping of tundra plant functional types in Arctic Alaska. Remote Sensing 9:1024. doi:10.3390/rs9101024

  • Macander, M. J., C. S. Swingley, K. Joly, and M. K. Raynolds. 2015. Landsat-based snow persistence map for northwest Alaska. Remote Sensing of Environment 163: 23–31.

  • Polyakov I. V., S. Akasofu, U. S. Bhatt, R. Colony, M. Ikeda, A. Makshtas, C. Swingley, D. Walsh, J. Walsh. 2002. Long-term trends and variations of the Arctic climate system. Eos Transactions American Geophysical Union 01.

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