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Fairbanks Office

Kristen Bartecchi Rozell, M.S.

Research Biologist

Kristen Bartecchi Rozell, M.S.

  • Bird behavior and ecology

  • Landbird distribution and abundance

  • Radar ornithology

Since joining ABR, Kristen has worked all over Alaska conducting point-count surveys and inventories of birds in areas under pre- and postdevelopment evaluation. From Wrangell Island in SE Alaska to the Arctic Coastal Plain, she has been involved with projects observing migration, nesting, distribution, species richness, and abundance of bird taxa including passerines, raptors, loons, and waterfowl. Kristen came to ABR with 15 years of experience conducting point-count surveys and mist-netting/ banding songbirds in Alaska. She has also initiated studies examining foraging behavior, habitat selection, and community and population level nest distribution and nesting success of forest birds.

Select Publications
  • Erwin, C., K. B. Rozell, and L. DeCicco. 2004. Update on the status and distribution of Wilson’s Phalarope (Phalaropus tricolor) and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus varius) in Alaska. Western Birds 35: 42–44.

  • DeSanto, T. L., M. F. Willson, K. M. Bartecchi, and J. Weinstein. 2003. Variation in nest sites, nesting success, territory size, and frequency of polygny in Winter Wrens in northern temperate coniferous forests. Wilson Bulletin 115: 29–37.

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