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Fairbanks Office

Lauren B. Attanas, B.S.

Research Biologist

Lauren B. Attanas, B.S.

  • Avian ecology

  • Radar ornithology

  • Threatened and Endangered species

  • Permitting support

  • Environmental impact analysis

  • Database management and design

Lauren has nearly 20 years of experience studying wildlife in Alaska. She has contributed to many field studies including breeding ecology of tundra-nesting waterfowl and shorebirds, point-count surveys of breeding songbirds, radar migration studies, and at-sea surveys of seabird abundance and distribution. Lauren has extensive experience conducting literature reviews and gap analyses and preparing various impact assessment documents. In her role as ABR’s Permit Specialist, she is responsible for obtaining research permits and helps to ensure that ABR’s research complies with applicable environmental laws.

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