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Anchorage Office

Wendy Davis, M.Sc., P.W.S.

Senior Scientist

Wendy Davis, M.Sc., P.W.S.

  • Wetland delineations

  • Wetland functional assessment

  • Wetland permitting and mitigation planning

  • Landcover classification and mapping

  • Baseline wetland mapping and impact assessment in support of the NEPA and FERC environmental evaluations

Wendy has 20 years’ experience as a field biologist in Alaska and northern Canada. Her interests and responsibilities at ABR include: wetland program management, wetland delineation, wildlife habitat mapping and classification, wetland functional assessments, and mitigation planning in support of the wetland permit process. She is a certified Professional Wetland Scientist with up-to-date experience in current regulatory requirements. Wendy has used her scientific experience in landcover classification and mapping to develop innovative functional assessment methodologies suitable for site specific needs. She received her M.Sc. from the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

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