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ABR board selects Adrian Gall as new President

The ABR board of directors announced today that it has appointed Dr. Adrian Gall to be the third president in ABR's 45-year history. Her longtime colleague and mentor Steve Murphy is retiring from executive duties after 40 years of distinguished service to ABR, including 18 years as President. He will continue to serve on ABR’s board of directors.

About the decision, Murphy said, “Our board of directors is thrilled to elevate Adrian to the top leadership position at ABR. We could not be more confident in her ability to helm the ship. Adrian possesses the qualifications and the expertise to guide ABR’s development into an even more successful organization that will continue to have an impact on the direction of biological research in the Arctic and on the quality of environmental consulting services in Alaska.”

Adrian Gall ABR President Alaska

Adrian began her journey at ABR in 2005 as a Research Biologist, was promoted to Senior Scientist in 2010, and assumed the role of Director of Research in 2017. She has a rich and varied background as a wildlife biologist and marine ecologist, with skills in data management and statistics that are now serving the company in her program management duties. Her dedication to both the ABR team and the communities that ABR serves is evident in her active and frequent engagement with community-focused nonprofit organizations and in her board memberships in such research-oriented organizations as the Pacific Seabird Group and the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States. Her passion for applied science coupled with her Colombian heritage and commitment to inclusion ensure that the company will continue to thrive in our rapidly changing world.

When asked about her vision for ABR, Adrian responded, “I am grateful for the trust that the company’s founder and first president Bob Ritchie and second president Steve Murphy have placed in me to uphold ABR’s 45-year legacy of financial, environmental, and social sustainability. With those principles as our compass, the team I have the honor of leading will uphold our dedication to scientific integrity and remain passionate about serving our clients.”

Adrian’s presidency comes at a very exciting time for ABR. With proven expertise in providing environmental solutions to industry clientele and as a major contributor to the global body of arctic biological knowledge, ABR continues to lead in the integration of high quality research methods, efficiencies gained through technology, unique product offerings via both proprietary innovations and open, reproducible research, and the ability to collaborate with all stakeholders.

Congratulations Adrian on your well-deserved advancement, from all of us at ABR!


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