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ABR Field Data Collection Apps

With the ABR Biological Field Survey App Suite, our scientists turn field observations into usable data automatically and skip the manual data entry. Our proprietary app interfaces and tools like built-in data validation, custom domain lists, progress tracking, and live data review and editing help us produce clean data and reporting products efficiently and consistently.

Ecological Land Survey Apps


ABR's ELS apps are a suite of integrated apps for vegetation and soil surveys. With these apps we're be able to record environment data, vegetation point intercept data, plant species composition and vegetation structure data, and soil horizon data.

Wetland Survey Apps

ABR Wetland App

Our wetlands app can be used independently or seamlessly integrated with our ELS apps to produce US Army Corps of Engineers 404 reports from field data.

Seabird Data Collection Apps

ABR Seabird App

The combination of our Windows seabird field data collection software (SeaLog) and data checker (QA/QSea) allows for the efficient collection of at-sea observational data and produces NPPSD-compatible outputs.

Caribou Aerial Survey Apps

ABR Caribou App

Aerial survey apps specifically designed for collecting caribou parturition and capture data allow Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologists to record high quality, validated data that synchronizes directly with their caribou telemetry database.

Aerial Survey Apps

Designed to record aerial survey data from multiple platforms and with species and project-specific data forms tied to spatial location.

Photo App

We combine the versatility and convenience of phone and tablet cameras with our other ELS enabled apps to record and categorize field photos and data and to streamline photo collection and management.

Proven Advantages

While we're in the field, all of our enabled devices sync to a central remote server or cloud-based server, depending on wi-fi access. This process automatically backs up our data and allows us to make real-time research decisions. After returning from the field, data syncs to a secure cloud server, where we use our web-based QA/QC tools to further refine the data. We can then merge the data into one of our web-based reporting tools to generate custom reports or take the data offline to optimize other standard workflows.

Moving Maps

We rapidly collect in-flight and ground-based data for both observer and sighting locations on a live map with custom imagery.

Avian Pointcounts

Meeting both ALMS and Breeding Bird Survey protocols, our avian pointcount apps use sensible defaults to automatically calculate fields and streamline data entry.

Marine Mammals & Protected Species

We collect real-time, multi-vessel sighting location data from both moving and stationary platforms during marine mammal protection projects.


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